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Vörunúmer: DK1614005WH

Hvít Cat6 tengisnúra
Halógenfrí LSZH
UTP - óskermuð
Lengd: 500 mm

Future-oriented standards and high-end quality for your network.

With LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sheath for best fire behaviour and low smoke emissions.
Transparent red colored plug for easy identification of Category 6 (250 MHz)
Conductor: Copper (Cu)
PoE+ ready
The DIGITUS® Category 6 Class E patch cords are manufactured and tested to the ISO/IEC 11801 and DIN EN 50173 Category 6 specifications. They will guarantee the installed cabling system is compliant with the ISO & EN channel specification requirements and will provide optimum performance levels of DIGITUS® Category 6 cabling. The performance is tested up to 250 MHz inclusive performance characteristics such as near end cross talk (“NEXT”). DIGITUS® patch cords are designed and produced to fulfill the highest requirements of various application areas in full volume. Each cable is fitted with a molded boot which comes with kink protection and strain relief. Furthermore the boot is equipped with a latch protection that prevents the latching lever against breaking. You can easily identify the Category 6, because of the transparent red colored connector.

Technical Details
2x RJ45 (8P8C) connectors
Boots with kink protection, strain relief and latch protection
Length marking on boot
Conductor: Copper (Cu)
Halogen free: yes
Cable type: U/UTP
Pin assignment: 1:1
Length: 0.5
Colour outer sheath: White
Category: 6
AWG-size: 26
Anti-kink sleeve: Moulded-on
Type of connector connection 1: RJ45 8(8)
Type of connector connection 2: RJ45 8(8)
Cable construction: 4x2
Fire retardant version: yes
Colour anti-kink sleeve: White
Locking lever: yes
NVP value: 69
Oil resistant (acc. EN 60811-404): no