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Vörunúmer: RGX-BG

Box fyrir spennuþolna hanska
Stærð: 550x250x100mm

- Box to be placed in all power substations
- Protection and storage for electrician’s gloves
- It can contain a pair of gloves from any class 00 to 4 and any size, a pair of overgloves and a powder flask.
- Made entirely of resistant plastic material, with shock resistant properties.
- It is strong enough to be used as a carrying box.
- Equiped of 4 pre-drilled holes for a wall mount.
- Fitted with a retaining lug to hold the gloves when the box is opened.
- The box is delivered with a powder flask.
- The transparent anti-UV window is for checking the presence of the gloves
- Integrated and retractable handle

Nafn eiginleika Gildi eiginleika
Tegund Box
Gerð BGT
Efnisgerð Plast
Hæð 500 mm
Breidd 250 mm
Dýpt 100 mm